Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does BuilderGM integrate with?
    You can easily synchronize QuickBooks Desktop data such as transactions for customers, jobs, cost items and accounts. This data is a two-way street and updates in real-time. Easily export QuickBooks information to BuilderGM for a fast implementation process.
  • Does BuilderGM support estimating?
    By supporting the back-office and tracking your important documents, BuilderGM supports the necessary estimation processes, serving as your go-to residential construction estimating software. Creating and sending estimates is easy with BuilderGM's template-driven functionality. By selecting a specific template you are putting together all the details needed to complete an accurate estimation and don't have to start from scratch each time you want to complete a job scope.
  • Is there any ongoing training available?
    Ongoing training is available through Hyphen University and is included in your BuilderGM subscription cost. In addition our customer support team is available to make sure that our products always perform.
  • How long does implementation take and is there an additional cost?
    BuilderGM is implemented over the course of 6-8 meetings. On average, implementation takes about one month, however you gain access to your account as soon as login credentials are provided. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to get your residential construction management moving smoothly.
  • Can you have/create more than one template in the software at a time?
    There is no limit on how many templates you can have in BuilderGM. You can choose to create your own templates from scratch or edit existing templates that have been built out already.

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