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  • icon Estimating

    Estimate projects quickly and accurately

    • Job Scope Estimation: BuilderGM provides template-driven estimating and fast easy job scoping
    • Automatic Scheduling: BuilderGM automatically builds your schedule as you scope and estimate your project
    • Understand Your Clients: BuilderGM automatically generates a Client Questionnaire and check list as you scope your project, so you don’t forget anything
    • Automated Build Process: Effortlessly create requests for bids and send them along with your plans, specs and photos to your subs and suppliers with one click of your mouse. Get replies directly into your BuilderGM project file
    • Estimate Reports: Dedicated project estimating reports to compare bids, review pricing and scope, create proposals, and push your estimate into purchasing and job cost management
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  • icon Accounting with QuickBooks

    Full integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Office for vendors, customers, jobs and employees, items, accounts, bills, invoices, time and more!

    • Keep Things in Sync: Easily sync in both directions to with a click of your mouse. Easy to use balancing tools and easy to read reports for all accounting and job costing functions.
    • Purchase Management: : Write Purchase Orders (POs) and Subcontracts with one click directly from your estimate to commit your costs upfront. Write POs or and approve payments with our mobile application from anywhere.
    • Employee Time: With our Time & Tasks App, your field team enters time on their mobile device by job, task and hour. After approval the time is pushed into QuickBooks for payroll processing. No more paper timesheets.
    • Invoices and Bills: Enter all financial transactions in BuilderGM in half the time it takes in QuickBooks, from anywhere. Create draws and invoices, post payments and approve bills all in BuilderGM.
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  • icon Vendor Bidding

    Online bid management made easy

    • Send Bid Requests: Send bid requests to multiple subs and Suppliers by project, along with plans, specs and bid documents, with one click of your mouse. Your subs and Suppliers will receive the request in their e-mail inbox.
    • Receive Bids Online: Receive bids from your subs and Suppliers directly into your BuilderGM project file, then accept the bid, create a purchase order, and send it to the vendor with one click.
    • Keep Your Clients in the Loop: Transparency allows you to involve your clients in the bidding process and refer to bid responses from subcontractors and suppliers to customers for final input if there are multiple options that fit within the budget.
    • Bid Reports: Review your bids against your estimate, select from multiple bids with our interactive bid process and have confidence in your final pricing.
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  • icon Project Financial Management

    Project Financial Management

    • Budget Management:Our reporting tools keep you up to the minute for project costs, changes to the budget, committed cost, direct costs from the category level down to the cost item level.
    • Budget Actual Reporting: Our Budget to Actual analysis system allows you to project, with a high degree of accuracy, your profit on each project. This system allows for running scenarios so you can course correct to maximize your profit.
    • Compiled Reporting Dashboards: Our compiled reporting includes high-level financial reports such as a full Work in Process Report, sales, income and expense reports to make year-end or bank and bonding reporting a breeze.
    • Executive Level Reports: High-level reporting made just for the company owner including financial management reports, labor only schedules and vendor only schedules so you know who should be where and when.
    • Insurance Reporting: Our insurance report tracks vendor and sub insurance by type, expiration date, limits and includes paid to date figures with links to certificates to make your insurance audit a snap.
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Additional features

  • icon Documentation & Reporting

    Take your documentation and reporting online

    • Flexible Construction Reports: have access to a wide range of reports from budgetary information to scheduling with exporting capabilities
    • Customer Service: never losing documents will give your clients more confidence in you and your team
    • Easy Access/Information At-A-Glance: you, your team and your clients can gain easy access to all the needed information either online or printed
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  • icon Client Communication

    Provide transparency to your clients with clear, effective communication

    • Real-Time Updates: as you move along in your projects, subcontractors, suppliers and clients can follow the progress in real-time
    • Send & Track Information: upload, save and send your client documents, contracts and more important information, all through the BuilderGM portal
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  • icon Vendor Management

    Consolidate your vendors and focus on outstanding items

    • Information At-A-Glance: keep a list of the materials needed for each project, what vendors sell the materials and at what prices so you can make informed decisions for your projects
    • Communicate Without Missing a Beat: easily and quickly communicate any changes, orders, prices, etc to and from your vendors
    • Have Easy Access to Documentation: keep a record of the materials used for a project, the cost and what vendors were used in order to refer back to what worked and avoid what didn’t
    • Make Changes Quickly: you can easily adjust an order on the fly
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  • icon Sales Management

    Manage your relationships and turn projects into sales

    • Track Sales Bids by Customer: from prospecting to active jobs, track your sales process and progress
    • Keep Track of Sales History for a More Efficient Sales Process: gain access to insights into the efficiency of how your business' sales process runs
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  • Photo & Video Documentation

    Track progress and proof of job completions with photos and videos

    • Advanced Documentation: paper documents are important, but using photos and videos backed up in your BuilderGM portal enables you to have more solid proof of each project
    • Save Money: subcontractors can’t claim you owe them more money when you can show them proof via photos and videos of what work has been done on the project
    • Avoid Legal Disputes: if a client claims you did something wrong or didn’t meet requirements for the job, having photos and videos as proof of the project will impress lawyers and stand as solid proof in your defense
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  • icon Team Collaboration

    Efficient communication with everyone on your team keeps you on the same page

    • Assign Tasks to Individuals to Stay Accountable: assign responsible parties specific tasks to builder, supplier and contractor and view the task breakdown by past due, due this week and due in the next 2 weeks
    • Access Dashboards to View Project Progress: utilize various dashboards for transparency, at-a-glance to see who is responsible for particular components of each individual job and if plans change, modifying this information from the dashboard takes you directly to the individual job task
    • Keep Your Whole Team on the Same Page: have the vantage point of seeing tasks' scheduled start & end date and actual start & end date if schedules get delayed
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  • icon Change Orders

    Keep track of all changes and cost information

    • Keep the Control: BuilderGM gives you control to document change orders
    • History Recorded: keep a record of change orders so you can refer back to previous change orders anytime
    • Real-Time Updates: access real-time updates of all aspects of the job
    • Get Notifications: be aware of any and all change order requests
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  • Schedule Management

    Simplify your scheduling process while staying on track

    • Premade Scheduling Templates: use templates or edit templates from the template library to fit how you and your team work
    • Access Schedules Anytime, Anywhere: Builder GM allows you to easily access your schedule online anytime and anywhere
    • Fits Your Needs: the option of having as detailed or as simple of a schedule as your team needs
    • Never Forget Anything: Builder GM has schedule reminders so you can stay on top of everything
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Integration with QuickBooks

Get set up quickly in BuilderGM with your QuickBooks account by migrating all of your information over. By integrating your accounting solution, you eliminate the need for double entry and always stay on the ball.

Integrate with Quickbooks


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Work from wherever, whenever with BuilderGM's mobile app, available in IOS and Android compatibilities. Don't worry anymore about spotty wifi or taking notes on paper. No matter if you are in the field or the office, BuilderGM's app will have your back.


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See your Return-on-Investment (ROI) quickly with easy implementation of BuilderGM. Increasing your productivity has never been more simple with this user-friendly interface.

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