Extension Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Builder GM QB Extension

The purpose for this extension

This extension is used for the single purpose of facilitating synchronization or passing of data back and forth between the BuilderGM QuickBooks Synchronization program and the Intuit provided QuickBooks SDK. This extension does not interact directly with the user.

Data Encryption

All data is fully encrypted using https, in both directions, when communicating with the BuilderGM backend.

What information do we collect?

The extension does not collect any information. It simply passes information from the BuilderGM QuickBooks Synchronization to the QuickBooks SDK and back to the BuilderGM QB Sync process.

What information is transferred through the BuilderGM QB Extension?

The transactions that are included in the synchronization process include the following table and financial information.

Table Information:

  1. Vendor Information
  2. Customer information
  3. Employee Information (No Social Security information)
  4. Other Name Information
  5. Billing Terms & Conditions
  6. Payroll Items
  7. Accounts (Account name information only, NO banking account information)
  8. Items (User Defined Items)

Financial & Transactional Information:

  1. Vendor invoices and vendor invoice payments
  2. Customer Invoices and Customer Invoice Payments
  3. Other Expense Transactions (credit card charges and checks)
  4. Vendor Credits
  5. Customer Credits
  6. Purchase Orders
  7.  Sales Orders
  8. Sales Bids (estimates)
  9.  Employee Time Transactions

How do we use the information?

How is the information passed to the QuickBooks SDK used?

QuickBooks requires the user to grant permission for the extension to talk to the QuickBooks SDK through a setting in “Integrated Applications”. The information passed from the BuilderGM QB Sync through the BuilderGM QB Extension to the QuickBooks SDK is used to add or update information in the QuickBooks file.

How is data that is passed to the BuilderGM QB Sync process used?

Information passed from QuickBooks SDK through the BuilderGM QB extension to the BuilderGM QB Synchronization process is used to return the status of requests made of the QuickBooks SDK, and to add or update information in BuilderGM.

What information do we share?

  • We do not share any of the information passed through the BuilderGM QB sync extension.
  • No Data is transferred to any third party.
  • No Data is sold.
  • We do not share or sell this information to advertisers.
  • We do not present any advertisements to users.

For more information about the general Privacy Policy for the overall BuilderGM product, please see https://www.hyphensolutions.com/info/hyphenprivacystatement