Vendor Management

Home Builders know the importance of keeping their residential construction jobs on schedule, that’s why BuilderGM allows your vendors to be fully integrated with the entire process, start to finish. Our easy-to-use interface makes it possible for all vendors to access the platform via a Builder-provided link. This makes the process smoother regardless of technical skill level and without the need to create login credentials.

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Information at-a-glance

With BuilderGM’s dashboard, vendors are able to view a summary of outstanding purchases orders, scheduling information, bid requests and more. Vendors get alerts and notifications for bid invitations from Home Builders awaiting responses, licenses or insurance policies that are soon expiring and tasks that are assigned to them.
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Communication without missing a beat

Home Builders can send their vendors email communications from the BuilderGM job mailbox. Vendors will receive these notifications not only in their alerts window within the platform but also via email so nothing falls through the cracks. Vendor bid invitation responses also automatically notify the Builders via email, so there is no need to manually reach out to them directly.

Easy access to documentation

Home Builders can upload documents for their own records per new home build job, or can even control which documents vendors have access to. Any purchase order, invoice or task list that the Builder sends over to the vendor also has the opportunity for attachments to be added.

Make changes quickly

Each vendor has complete control over their information within the portal, such as company-related details and the trades they support. For ease of use, a vendor bid response never officially closes, so if a builder updates it, it will reopen automatically. Builder is able to view licensing and insurance policy information that can also be modified as needed.
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