Sales Management

Home Builders have the ability to review the status of their projects by homebuyer, land developer or even investor. This allows Builders to easily track the sales process from start to finish. BuilderGM also allows Home Builders to manage new home build job financial details such as customer payments, invoices and bank draw financing.

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Keep track of sales history for a more efficient sales process

With BuilderGM, Home Builders are able to track which sales bids have turned into sales orders and see which have begun billing. Our platform makes it super easy to access all of the job details Home Builders need: original sales bids, approved sales orders and any associated documentation.

Track sales bids by customer

Home Builders are able to track existing sales bids by order and customer to help them grow their smaller businesses! With larger communities that have a large number of new home builds, Builders are able to easily organize and access the details of each sales bid.

Stay on top of customer accounting

Home Builders are able to track all customer-related transactions within BuilderGM. Specifically, with customer payments, Builders can see each customer invoice and how it ties into a particular job as well as if it's been integrated into QuickBooks.

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