Photo & Video Documentation

BuilderGM allows access to a full array of job-specific photos and videos for your residential construction projects. Home Builders and vendors can easily access these details depending on their level of permissions and security privileges. With our cloud-based platform, there is no limit to how many photos and files you can store to keep everything you need all in one place.

Construction worker capturing image on mobile device

Save money with accountability

While on the job site, Builders are able to take photos with our mobile app and document their progress within the BuilderGM job journal functionality. Home Builders are then able to grant or restrict access to the Trades to view those photos and documents so that there is proof of the work that has been completed. This accountability helps to save Home Builders money by keeping everyone honest.

Stay organized with advanced documentation

Within the Job Manager tab in our BuilderGM software, there is a wide variety of places you can store documents and photos in order to stay organized and on top of your home build projects. BuilderGM gives Home Builders the ability to link documents to specific pages within the portal or even just upload them, providing multiple options to fit your current business processes. Any documents that may not be directly linked to a project show up as a notification within the portal so that you or your associated Trades are always up-to-date.

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