As you scope and estimate projects, you need a tool that will help save time and provide accurate estimates to your clients. By supporting the back-office and tracking your important documents, BuilderGM supports the necessary estimation processes.

Estimating wood beams

Job scope estimation

Template-driven estimating provides the foundation for the job you are looking to complete. By selecting a specific template you are putting together all the details needed to complete an accurate estimation. By having template-driven functionality, the user is prevented from having to start from scratch each time they want to complete a job scope.

Understand your clients

Save time manually gathering data from your clients. Based on the job scoping that is completed, Client Questionnaire prompts are automatically generated to help further ensure the customer gets the job completed exactly to their liking.

Don't miss a thing

By using templates, BuilderGM displays a checklist of categories, subcategories, tasks and cost items that a user can "check" to include within the job estimation. You can also add and remove items from the checklist at any point in the job process to kickstart any changes to a project.

Build client trust

Full transparency gives a customer everything they need to know in terms of getting a job completed. Being able to generate multiple versions of the same estimate allows a builder to present multiple options to a customer. The full vantage point further puts the decision-making back to the customer, giving you opportunities to upsell and present in a polished and professional manner.

Full documentation

Fully document every specification and assumption used in building the estimate. Throughout the entire process, you can store a unique document, associated with the corresponding task, cost item or Client Questionnaire.

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