ePayables with Hyphen Wallet

BuilderGM powered by Hyphen Wallet offers an innovative electronic payment solution that automates accounts payable for Home Builders using BuilderGM to pay their Suppliers, Trades and Vendors more quickly and securely. This solution increases efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing costs and delays for Suppliers and Trades, while also ensuring the retention of high-quality Suppliers and Trades.

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Gain Visibility

With BuilderGM powered by Hyphen Wallet, Home Builders gain insight into every payment executed to their Trades by updating their back-office ERP with real-time payment status.

Save Time

Automation works to improve the billing, invoice and payment process between Builders and Trade Contractors, making it easy for the Builder to check records, track past and present expenses and identify fraudulent charges much faster. It reduces invoice processing time by over 80% and invoice errors by 23%.

Data in Real-Time

Hyphen Wallet combines payment methods, subsidiaries and regions using payment integration that’s real-time with 24/7 service. Instant reconciliation within Hyphen Wallet ensures a fast and accurate financial close cycle, improves cash flow visibility and working capital management and reduces potential fraudulent payouts.

Reduce fraud and increase security

Having visibility into all transactions by the Builder, Suppliers, Trades and Contractors, payments can be verified and tracked throughout the payment process. Moving to an automated construction billing and payment software reduces the possibility of error by fraud or lost checks in the mail, replacing risk and fraudulent activity with enhanced security.

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