Documentation & Reporting

BuilderGM supports your business by taking documentation online and reporting that makes sense to your business needs. Level up your professionalism and customer service with the ability to send documents to your customer and use templates for various types of reporting.

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Flexible construction reports

Your business and how you run it are unique to you, so your reports and scheduling tools should fit your needs. With flexible construction reports and templates, you can create online and export reports when and where you need them.

Professional branding

Custom branding on your documents can be challenging and time-consuming, but with BuilderGM, you can upload your logo, customize the text for your mission statement and preview what it will look like on various documents. Automatically populate your branding on exported files that your customers and vendors will see, saving you time and making you look good.

Easy access/information at-a-glance

Decide how you want to organize your information and where you want it. Within the BuilderGM portal, you have access to upload your notes and documents to each task such as purchase orders, expense records, sales invoices and more.

Customer service

By storing all of your documents and reports digitally in BuilderGM, you can select which ones you would like your customers to have access to and which ones you don’t. Easily change these permissions any time within the task you have assigned them to.

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