Change Orders

As a Home Builder, you already know that change orders are a huge part of every new construction project and nothing ever really goes as planned. Thankfully, we have you covered with the change orders section of BuilderGM, a robust solution allowing you to track all change order requests, provide order specifications and documents, track estimated changes and their budgets, anticipated schedule delays and their impact.

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Easy access to past recorded change orders

There is a wide range of areas within BuilderGM that recognize each change order exists for particular jobs. Outside of the change orders section within the Job Manager, they are also documented within budget summary reports, original estimate reports and the Work In Progress Dashboard. Each change order documented within the system gets automatically stamped with a request date so that no request is ever lost and you can refer back to previous change orders at any time.

Control of change order requests

Both Builder and customer have access to submit and review change order requests. Home Builders are also able to review/edit these change orders from the field via the mobile app, if needed. BuilderGM gives you control within the change order detail screen to see the status, who requested it and the change order approval due date. The Builder ultimately has the final decision in accepting/rejecting change order requests.

See updates and get notifications in real-time

Alerts related to change orders are easily accessible via the Job Info screen within BuilderGM. All updates made throughout the change order process are also emailed to the Builder to always keep everyone in the loop. These alerts also appear as notifications through the mobile app, so that everyone in the field also sees every update.

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