Budget Management

Achieve full transparency into your project budgets. Access this information at the company level or job-specific level. Additionally, this information can be presented in a customer-friendly mode.


BuilderGM allows you to work as a team to determine your most accurate budget to get the job done. gain a competitive advantage by providing multiple budget options to your customers to provide a side by side comparison.

Clear picture of your budget

Access forecasting and explanations of your budget anytime, anywhere. Utilize the budget vs actuals reporting to stay on track throughout the job cycle. Visualize the current health of your business using company-level reporting that reports across all jobs

Easily find information

The software helps you easily search for the information you need when you need it. Dashboards on the home tab provide a quick snapshot on scheduling and budgetary information. This information can also be viewed within the job manager tab providing more detail pertaining to that specific job.

Meets all your needs

BuilderGM gives you the ability to access all of your budget information digitally, saving you the headache of paperwork. Exporting your data to excel allows for more flexibility to analyze the finer details.

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