Webinar | BuilderGM: Quickly & Easily Take Your Construction Management to the Next Level

Webinar: Quickly and Easily Take Your Construction Management to the Next Level

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, Hyphen Solutions presented a webinar on how BuilderGM provides solutions for all your critical building and business functions.

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This Webinar will cover how BuilderGM will help you:

  • Automate your workflow – you will estimate your project, schedule, bid, create purchase orders and expenses, invoice your project all with the click of your mouse!
  • Stay ahead of your projects – Build your cost estimate in BuilderGM, and automatically build your schedule and task list at the same time.
  • Know your costs – Detailed cost analysis and financial reporting in real time to keep your projects on track and profitable.
  • Communicate with your team – Builder GM closes the communications loop between all stakeholders by allowing you to share information by project.
  • Keep your accounting current and accurate – BuilderGM keeps all your committed costs, accounts payable and accounts receivable in order and seamlessly Integrates with your QuickBooks file.
  • Bid work with ease – BuilderGM has automated bidding and plan distribution to incorporate vendor costs in your estimate all the way through to providing price information to your client.
  • Manage all your documents – Keep current, accurate records of selections, photos, videos, bids, and invoices all in the BuilderGM cloud.

To learn more about Hyphen Solution’s BuilderGM Project Management Software, feel free to schedule a demo.